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Soderbloom Smudge Pots

Wilderness Smudge Pot

Our custom designed smudge pots will be the most entertaining and easiest campfire you'll ever have. Fill with kerosene, citronella oil, cooking oil, or diesel and light. You can easily control how big your flame is by opening and closing the dampner. They throw an excellent amount of heat to keep you warm. With our custom design cut into the chimney that the flame will illuminate it will entertain you and any guests all evening.

We make two size options to fit any occasion. Our small smudge pot stands 26" tall and is light enough to take with you just about anywhere whether it be camping, backyard, or picnicing. Our large smudge pot stands 54" tall and can throw as big of a flame as you desire. This large pot is great for social gatherings. It throws a large heat circle and a great amount of light that will be sure to entertain for hours.

God Faith Family Smudge Pot

We can create custom designs that make yours unique. Create one to show off your business, orginization, or your personal interests. Contact us by email sales@soderbloom to discuss your unique design

Wounded Wariors United

Small Smudge Pot

Smudge Pots Custom Design

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