Give the Snakors a try
Tired of chiseling those flaps loose on your portable
Wind blowing under your house freezing up the holes
No snow available to bank your house
The flexible Snakors will solve these problems
The Snakors come in 6' & 8'  lengths longer sizes and diameters available upon request. They are
made from a water repellent fabric and will stay flexible in all weather conditions keeping those
flaps tight to the surface.
They may be purchased full or empty. The 2" are filled with a dry coarse sand, exellent for all
They come 4 to a pack a pack consists of 2 - 6' and 2 - 8'   Filled are sold per each.
Larger sizes available on request

Empty: fill your own and save                                              
Size                Order #          Price                                                                                            2"
4 pack        
SNAK-UF2   13.99                         

by phone
                        218 644 3392
Tired of banking your portable with snow
No snow no problem
The Portable Anchors