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                     Aluminum    Stainless    Stainless    Stainless

Diameter                                3 Blade           3 Blade       4 Blade          5 Blade

Up to 9 1/2"                            35.00            50.00          60.00             *****

9 3/4 to 11 1/2"                       
40.00            60.00          65.00             *****

11 3/4 to 13 1/2"                     
50.00             90.00         95.00             125.00

13 3/4 to 14 3/4"                     
55.00            100.00         120.00           135.00  

15" and up                             65.00           110.00         125.00           150.00

Bravo 3     Per each                 
85.00           120.00         140.00
Volvo Duo Per each                
85.00           120.00         140.00
Bravo  3    Price per set           125.00          225.00         235.00
Volvo Duo  Price per set         125.00          225.00         235.00  

ADD $15.00 to repair prices for return shipping on Aluminum propellers
20.00 to repair prices for return shipping on Stainless propellers
More then one propeller Add $
20.00 for return shipping

Blade sharpening        80.00
Double cupping           80.00
Ventilation holes          45.00
Prices include buffing
Prop repair has been our business for over 41 years
Due to the large volume of propeller repairs we are able to offer some of the best prop repair prices in
the country with high quality workmanship and quick personal service, our prop repair is second to
none. When it comes to stainless or aluminum prop repairs nobody will compare with Soderbloom's
All propellers are brought back to the original specs and balanced.
2021/22 Repair Price List
All repair prices include welding, painting and balancing. All
Stainless propellers will be buffed out to a mirror finish except
Teflon coated props.
No hidden costs what you see is what you pay !!
Custom Stainless Propeller Modifications
Soderbloom's has been customizing boat propellers for years with outstanding
results. We are now offering this special service to all of our customers. Your  
propeller can be modified for your specific needs.
Hole shot, speed, less rpm's, more rpm's, cavitation problems. Soderbloom's can help
you with any one of these problems and more.
We have a huge amount of time and testing devoted to each of these propeller
modifications. They are proven and we are confident you will see results.    
Have a safe and happy boating season !!
From the staff at Soderbloom's
For shipping instructions and form
Ship in your prop for repair today
Sorry we no longer do hub replacement
Inboard Repair Price List
Bronze, nibral, and stainless standard or cupped    
3 Blade                       4 Blade
10 - 12 3/4"   $105.00           $115.00         
13 - 14 3/4"   $125.00           $135.00
15 - 16"         $135.00           $145.00
Shipping instructions and form
Shipping instructions and form
Shipping instructions and form
Quick return shipping
Fast Turn Around Time
Shipping instructions and form
Remember at Soderbloom's, boat propellers is our business. If you have several
boat props that need repair call for special pricing. We also offer in house welding
on  pontoon boats, aluminum boats and skeg replacement
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