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The New LIL' Munchkin Guide Series is a fisherman's dream. Whether you like to
Spear, run and gun or only move once a day this is the house for you. It has some
exciting new features.

Comes standard with our new high flotation Arctic ski, made to withstand the most
extreme conditions of the north. These ski's are made to ride high in the deep powder
and will float in slush

Trough's with hole covers for Spearing or Angling, which means no more trying to
line up your holes after you're done drilling.

Tread bright around the entire house to protect the lower skin.
No setup means more fish
Angle or Spear with the New Guide Series
2018 /2019
Lil Munchkin Guide Series
6' X 8' X 74"  tall    $4495.00

Guide Series Standard Features
High Flotation Skis
Diamond Plate all around
22" X 44" Trough's for angling or spearing
Hole covers for angling
This house is pictured with optional  
seats, cup holders and rod holders
New high flotation ski's
Tread bright around entire house
2----22" X 44" Trough's for angling or Spearing
Aluma Lite
The Original Skid House